Kootenai River in NW Montana, near Canadian Border

Kootenai River in NW Montana, near Canadian Border
photo by Gene Tunick of Eureka, Montana

Monday, January 30, 2012

Tip O'Day #279 - Who Do You Write For?

Guest blogger Thomas Avery on writing for your audience.

I believe, as an Indie writer, I connect best with people of similar interests, rather than a broad audience.

My writing entertains me and that is who I write for first. Not everyone wants to read a mystery about an actor/aviator from the 1930's who drinks too much. My passions have always been mystery novels, classic films and aviation. I have tried to inject these into my novel and I had fun, too. My philosophy: if it entertains me, it will entertain someone else too.

This author writes under the name T.E. Avery and his first e-book will be published soon on Kindle. Learn more here.


  1. Awesome post.You have hit on a lot of good points in your article about writin. I have been in that static place before this article. Thank you for the great information.

  2. I have run into the issue of which story to write next, because I want to write for my readers. I do love mysteries, so in turn would love to write a mystery. I had 20 years in the medical field so in turn like to write stories that thrill the reader that are using my experiences and research in order to write them. I have written children's picture book ideas, but felt I need an illustrator before I would publish them. I am 46 going on 47 and have had plenty of ups and downs when it comes to relationships, so thought it would be cool to write Romance/Twist stories. My son is 23, but I started writing when he was 6: He wanted me to write stories he would like to read, so I have several Young Adult and Children's story ideas.

    One of my neighbors pretty much put the nail on the head and said: Which one would you pick up off the shelf. I do not have children or grandchildren, so would not even look at books for that age group. I have one 17 year-old, so might pick up books for her, but she likes adult books or mine as she has plainly pointed out our better than the Twilight Series. I told her that I think she is a little biased, but I love her books better than some other authors books. I think she got some of her talent from her mother, but she entertained herself first with her books. I still think of each of my story ideas as my babies and want to write them all, so do not know where to start. Recently I decided to finish the series in some of my stories I already published. I also made a poll and am working on suggested categories due to the poll answers I received.