Kootenai River in NW Montana, near Canadian Border

Kootenai River in NW Montana, near Canadian Border
photo by Gene Tunick of Eureka, Montana

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saying for Writers #147 - Hemingway

A Quote which Might (or Might Not) Inspire You to Write:

"The parody is the last refuge of the frustrated writer. Parodies are what you write when you are associate editor of the Harvard Lampoon. The greater the work of literature, the easier the parody. The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above the urinal." – Ernest Hemingway

Dixon says: I enjoy collecting quirky quotes, and have unearthed quite a few from both Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway. The following and many other writing tips were gathered by Larry W. Phillips into his 1984 book, Ernest Hemingway on Writing. The Open Culture website created their list of seven favorites for a post on February 19th at http://tinyurl.com/bxj3ljz as follows:

1. To get started, write one true sentence.

2. Always stop for the day while you still know what will happen next.

3. Never think about the story when you’re not working.

4. When it’s time to work again, always start by reading what you’ve written so far.

5. Don’t describe an emotion -- make it.

6. Use a pencil.

7. Be brief.

I’ve heard that Hemingway would start each day’s writing session with a few freshly sharpened pencils. When they were worn down to nubs, it was time to stop writing and head for the nearest watering hole. Don’t know is that is true, but it’s part of the Hemingway legend.

It could be true.

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  1. I cannot agree with not thinking about the story when not writing. I have several books in my head jostling for position and, when I'm not actively writing, fitting the pieces of the writing puzzle together. It's not always first in mind, but usually there in the background. Often, the acts of living and doing other things will help me fit the pieces together or show me where I need to go off the beaten track to make the story/book better. I don't think it's possible, at least for me, not to be writing on the screen, on paper, or in my head. It's an integral part of who I am.