Kootenai River in NW Montana, near Canadian Border

Kootenai River in NW Montana, near Canadian Border
photo by Gene Tunick of Eureka, Montana

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Sentence Writing Tips: #3 of 5

This week, we’re looking at what happened when I asked: Do you have a “one sentence writing tip” to share? Here’s the third installment of replies sent by my FB writer friends.

Judith Anne Horner - “Don't do any major editing until you've finished the first draft.”

TD Jones - “When you believe you're a writer, other people will start to believe it too.”

Angie Ledbetter - “BICFOK = Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keyboard.”

Jo Marshall - “Read it out loud.”

Dixon Rice – “If you can’t find the right authors critique group, start your own.”


  1. wow. Thanks for putting my tip on your blog. T.D. Jones

  2. Always nice to be reminded of helpful tools of the trade.

  3. These tips are like a mini-workshop, Dixon!